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3 Year Preschool -Mrs. Ray

Welcome to Preschool! My name is Mrs. Martha Ray and I have been at St. Michael’s Preschool for over 10 years. I have 4 children, all of whom have/or presently are attending St. Michael and Central Catholic High School. I have also attended 12 years of Catholic education myself, and then earned my degree from Miami University. I believe strongly in the value of Catholic education and am so happy to be teaching the prescious age of Preschool. My goal is a positive first year of school that is fun and interactive, while meeting gentle academic goals. Thank you for considering St. Michael School for your child’s first learning experience!


2 responses to “3 Year Preschool -Mrs. Ray

  1. Rachel Molnar says:

    Love all the pictures!

  2. samantha daverio says:

    Love the pictures! this blog is too cute! so glad I saw this on the board this am at preschool!

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